Hall Of Gods

Hall Of Gods | Poetry on Mooseymares

We may always meet at the Hall of Gods, Stripped away from the problems of the world. With nothing but the stars under our feet, Shimmering in the dark as our souls greet.

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Stars In Your Eyes

Stars In Your Eyes | Poetry on Mooseymares

It’s raining stars tonight.Falling right from the sky and descending into your eyes.And when the dawn comes, the stars in the sky will fade away.But those in your eyes will stay.

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Like Stars Above Horizons

Like Stars Above Horizons | Poetry on Mooseymares

Like the storm you cannot avoid or fight against, I come.Like the summer rain washing off the dust, I fall.Like the silver full moon in the sky, I shine.Like the oldest tree in the woods, I stand. So come with me, together we’ll be stronger.Take my hand and fall with me, wait no longer.We’ll rise […]

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