You Are (,) My Love

You Are (,) My Love | Poetry on Mooseymares

Do not downplay your strength.Look back.Look at how far you’ve come.I know.For someone as strong as you.This.All of this.Feels like nothing.But if you look at yourself.Through different eyes.From afar. The mountains you’ve climbed.Stormy waters you’ve braved.Darkest caves you’ve explored.You dove so deep into the ocean.Walked through the thickest woods.Survived and endured so much. It’s not […]

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My Time To Rule

My Time To Rule | Poetry on Mooseymares

I knew you knew you were in trouble when you first saw me.But it was easier to act like it’s just another round in your game.Like I’m just another toy in your collection.I know I let my mind go wild and maybe I got a little obsessed.You’re the king; a magnetic pull I could not […]

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Rise, Ever So Powerful And Free

Rise, Ever So Powerful And Free | Poetry on Mooseymares

What is it that you truly desire?Deep in your soul.Beyond the touch.Warmth on your skin. What is your essence?Vibrating through your core.Flowing through your veins.Pumping inside your heart. What is your deepest darkest secret?You locked away, hid and tried to drown.Afraid to ever let it roam free.Losing grasp of your true power. What happens when […]

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Bloom In Power

Bloom In Power | Pride 2020 | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

How often have you felt powerless? How many times have you given your power away?⁣ If it’s out of your grasp right now, take it back. Don’t let anyone make you believe that you must obey, that you have no choice.⁣ Yes, there are things that must be done, but ripping your blossoms away to […]

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