Oh Soul

Oh Soul | Poetry on Mooseymares

What I ask of you. Oh soul. Worry. No more. Fear. No more. Hide. No more. It’s okay. Let it go. The things you’re worried about. They don’t matter. Everything you’ve been afraid of. It’s obsolete. It’s safe in your hiding place. But it’s difficult to see your glow. I know. It’s painful. The judgement […]

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Being. Still. In the moment. Being so. That it’s exhilarating. And nothing more. Nothing else. Being. Free.

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Someone Like Us

Someone Like Us | Poetry on Mooseymares

Perhaps the world was not ready To face dreamers like us. Staring with judgement And throwing rocks. Or maybe it’s been crying For someone like us. To break the cold heavy chains And to turn it into ash and dust.

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Ocean Of Life

Ocean Of Life | Poetry on Mooseymares

Life goes forward.Rolls down upon the shores like an ocean wave.Sometimes gently, sometimes with force.And when you are caught in a current,It either sucks you in or spits you out.Sometimes it will be a good thing, sometimes not so much.But how many people will you lose during this adventure?Some will cling to you and some […]

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Heavy | Poetry on Mooseymares

It’s heavy to carry, this pain.Clutching the body.Breathing provides only little relief.And there’s nothing to be done.Just wait. It’s hopeless at the time.Mission impossible, it seems.Nothing to hold onto.No one to turn to, to take it all away.Just breathe. It’s daunting, totally haunting.Engulfing in shadows.Hiding away, not to be seen.The light hurts the eyes, but […]

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Hearth | Poetry on Mooseymares

My heart got divided between two lands.One cool and breezy, with amber instead of gold.The other—hot and vibrant, healing to my soul. Away from cold winters, I lived in bliss.Warm and well fed with flavors of the world.I’ve made a home there, thinking never to return. But echoes came from the so familiar woods.A call […]

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Surreal | Poetry on Mooseymares

Can I believe it? Is it real? The clearest sky I’ve seen in a while. Small clouds fading in the distance. People walking by. I know, it’s not a dream. And yet… It’s so surreal.

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The Lights In The Windows

The Lights In THe Windows | Poetry on Mooseymares

The lights in the windows, so warm and bright.A home to return to, before a dark night. No one knows what is going on inside.Inviting in to shelter from the cold outside. A hearty meal and a soft bed. A safe place to rest my head.

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Into Silence

Into Silence | Poetry on Mooseymares

I’ve traveled far, through time and space. Eager to escape, to disappear without a trace. I’ve fallen asleep, then awoke again. My dreams laid a path, through an invisible plain. I’ve followed the stars, shining in the sky. Stumbled on rocks, until I was ready to fly. I’ve lost myself, drowning in noise. Then stepped […]

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My Darkness

My Darkness | Poetry on Mooseymares

My darkness calls out to me once more. Nonthreatening, it reaches out to me. Come back to me. Engulfing all I know with the darkest shadows of my soul. I raise my eyes from the map I’ve been following and look around. This is it. Embracing me. This is not the way I am supposed […]

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