Become Love

Become Love | Poetry on Mooseymares

Love isn’t mine. It may come through me. Or get stuck behind me like a cold unmovable wall. Love isn’t mine. But it is mine to give. Mine to receive. Love isn’t mine, but it is ours. To spread, to radiate. Bring into this world. Ignite. Spread. Vibrate. Become. Love.

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I Exist…

I Exist... | Poetry on Mooseymares

Beyond the sidelines of society. I adhere to the rules and laws. Walking silently through life. Barely connecting to anyone. Not influencing anything. I’m just there. A shadow. A ghost.

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Goodbye Or Hello?

Goodbye Or Hello? | Poetry on Mooseymares

You’ll have to see me for who I am.You can walk gently into my light, or be torn to shreds as you get dragged into it.The choice is yours.Pure, raw power and immense strength.Gentle, yet too cold for a closed heart. I’m awake. I can see… me.More than I had ever imagined.A beautiful divine light.Too […]

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Silent Whispers

Silent Whispers | Poetry on Mooseymares

Silent whispers from your heartOverwhelmed by the screams inside your headBut the different melodies that play for youThey lure you in as they play louderPlay louder even than the screams in your headAnd you might think you are aliveYou might even feel itBut you might never really knowThat all of this is fakeThat it was […]

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Perish | Poetry on Mooseymares

As you sit on the throne, oh your dear majesty, the true ruler watches you, the self-proclaimed king. It is quite the show, a real circus. He laughs at your poor choices and the lies that come from your mouth. The throne slowly crumbles with each thing you destroy. He who does not need to […]

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Angel’s Tears

Angel's Tears | Poetry on Mooseymares

An angel’s tears of sorrowThe pain deep down in the soulThe bright light shiningThrough the cracks of a broken heartShall burn everything unholyThat its rays shall touch

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What If…

What If... | Poetry on Mooseymares

What if you could make the stars fall with your tears?On a beautiful night, hide the moon as you close your eyes.What if you could make the sea dry when you’re out of tears?Leave a wasteland there like the one inside your heart.What if you could stop the Earth as you hold your breath?Blow everything […]

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Scent Of A Summer Night

The fresh scent of a summer night. Embracing the air every time the sun descends. Fading, a soft pastel sky. The cool, but gentle air. Caressing, refreshing before a restful slumber. Yet awakening the nocturnal life. Unforgettable, one of a kind. The scent, of a summer night.

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From The Ashes

From The Ashes | Poetry on Mooseymares

You want to deny me. You want me to erase myself. You want me to hide. Chained, I wait for a life. But I can’t stay still. Layers of false makeup fall away. I keep walking, pushing forward. You hold the chains back screaming. You keep trying to pull me back. I keep going. I […]

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Everywhere I Don’t Belong

Everywhere I Don't Belong | Poetry on Mooseymares

Everywhere I go. Everywhere I look. I don’t belong. I only wonder… Should I keep seeking? Is there something to find? Maybe there’s no need to worry. No need to try. It’s only a desire that haunts me. From the inside. But I feel that there’s something… Someone. To reach for… The only thing that […]

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