Until I’m Ready To Come Home

Until I'm Ready To Come Home | Poetry on Mooseymares

In this lifetime,I am the beginningAnd I am the end. Through countless generationsAnd lifetimes of sufferingEchoing in the fibers of my soul. A burden so heavyAnd immeasurable pain,Piercing through my heart. I can feel it in my blood,But it’s not mine to carry.It never was. The river of tormentFlows into a lakeAnd stillness takes over. […]

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Raise The Dead

Raise The Dead | Poetry on Mooseymares

Raise the dead To cleanse the Earth, Leave the fair ones untouched. In my dream The angel looked like me And I wondered… Can I be fair? Can I be divine? Yet so cruel And watch them die. With a smile.

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Crash | Poetry on Mooseymares

I am watching you crash against the walls of my castle.Most likely both of us will suffer some damage.But in the end, you will be the one to crumble into pieces. That is because you come at me with pointless hatred.It is a weapon too weak to defeat a sincere heart.Too fragile to stand against […]

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Gentle Heart

Gentle Heart | Poetry on Mooseymares

You’ve looked down on the gentle heart.But can you stand against the flames once it’s on fire? The burning embers light up the sky.Ablaze is your soul. You thought that being strong meant pushing your emotions away.But can you take it when they come back flooding in? Waves come crashing down.In the depths is your […]

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Be Light

Be Light | Poetry on Mooseymares

Let it go, be light.Don’t hide anymore.It’s not yours to carry.You’re meant to be light and strong.Full of love and life.Let it go, be light.

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Celestial | Poetry on Mooseymares

Written in the stars.Faded in the vast darkness.Sown in dreams.Reborn anew to shine on Earth.

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Soul Deep

Soul Deep | Poetry on Mooseymares

I am so incredibly beautiful.I didn’t even realize this… for so long.The vastness of my soul.The immense power. Shoved in a box.Chained by fears and false beliefs.Trapped in a body deemed imperfect by society’s beauty standards.Made to feel less than. Failing to see my strength.The choice to take it all off.Afraid to simply exist.Not fitting […]

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I Am Me

I Am Me | Poetry on Mooseymares

I am me. If asking something of you is not enough, I will have to show you why I’ve asked for it to begin with. If explaining something to you is not enough to make you understand, just sit back and watch me. And I know that even then you may not understand because people […]

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A Morning Of My Own

A Morning Of My Own | Poetry on Mooseymares

The night embraced me. Protected me. Kept all my secrets safe.It showed me the moon and the stars. Brought me dreams.I will always be a child of the night, but it’s time to get to know the morning. I’ve met so many dawns before, but just because I did not wish to leave the night.Countless […]

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I Love You, Child

I Love You, Child | Poetry on Mooseymares

Come closer, child.Into my arms.Wipe your tears.It’ll be all right. You’re safe, child.You are loved.Don’t worry.It’s okay. You’re not alone, child.I’m here for you.And always will be.I’m your family. You’re beautiful, child.See your worth.You are enough.Always.

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