Reflect Love

Reflect Love | Pride 2020 | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

They say that hurt people hurt people. No matter what, don’t lose the love you were born with inside your heart.⁣ It doesn’t mean you must be quiet or accept any negativity or hatred towards you and those you care about.⁣ Just don’t be yet another stepping stone to more misery and pain.⁣ Love is […]

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Bloom In Power

Bloom In Power | Pride 2020 | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

How often have you felt powerless? How many times have you given your power away?⁣ If it’s out of your grasp right now, take it back. Don’t let anyone make you believe that you must obey, that you have no choice.⁣ Yes, there are things that must be done, but ripping your blossoms away to […]

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Scent Of A Summer Night

The fresh scent of a summer night. Embracing the air every time the sun descends. Fading, a soft pastel sky. The cool, but gentle air. Caressing, refreshing before a restful slumber. Yet awakening the nocturnal life. Unforgettable, one of a kind. The scent, of a summer night.

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From The Ashes

From The Ashes | Poetry on Mooseymares

You want to deny me. You want me to erase myself. You want me to hide. Chained, I wait for a life. But I can’t stay still. Layers of false makeup fall away. I keep walking, pushing forward. You hold the chains back screaming. You keep trying to pull me back. I keep going. I […]

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Everywhere I Don’t Belong

Everywhere I Don't Belong | Poetry on Mooseymares

Everywhere I go. Everywhere I look. I don’t belong. I only wonder… Should I keep seeking? Is there something to find? Maybe there’s no need to worry. No need to try. It’s only a desire that haunts me. From the inside. But I feel that there’s something… Someone. To reach for… The only thing that […]

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As I Hear The Rain, I Ponder…

As I Hear The Rain, I Ponder... | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

It’s raining today. I am hearing the raindrops hit the balcony rail. It’s bringing back memories of when it all began. Over a decade ago, on a dark rainy night, I was listening to the rain hit the window sill as inspiration washed over me. And I wrote like I’ve never written before. It continued […]

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Oh Soul

Oh Soul | Poetry on Mooseymares

What I ask of you. Oh soul. Worry. No more. Fear. No more. Hide. No more. It’s okay. Let it go. The things you’re worried about. They don’t matter. Everything you’ve been afraid of. It’s obsolete. It’s safe in your hiding place. But it’s difficult to see your glow. I know. It’s painful. The judgement […]

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Being. Still. In the moment. Being so. That it’s exhilarating. And nothing more. Nothing else. Being. Free.

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Someone Like Us

Someone Like Us | Poetry on Mooseymares

Perhaps the world was not ready To face dreamers like us. Staring with judgement And throwing rocks. Or maybe it’s been crying For someone like us. To break the cold heavy chains And to turn it into ash and dust.

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Ocean Of Life

Ocean Of Life | Poetry on Mooseymares

Life goes forward.Rolls down upon the shores like an ocean wave.Sometimes gently, sometimes with force.And when you are caught in a current,It either sucks you in or spits you out.Sometimes it will be a good thing, sometimes not so much.But how many people will you lose during this adventure?Some will cling to you and some […]

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