Repeat After Me

Repeat After Me | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

I don’t have to be how you imagine me to be. And I don’t have to wait for you to acknowledge me. I don’t have to try and impress you. I don’t belong with those who fail to see the real me. And my happiness does not lie with those who don’t appreciate me.

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Dead Flowers

Dead Flowers | Poetry on Mooseymares

Tell me…Why do you water those dead flowers?They won’t bloom ever again.And you hold onto the pictures of your lovers.As if you’d see them standing in the doorway again.You know already…All that dressing up has been in vain.

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Through Eyes Of The Divine

Through Eyes Of The Divine | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

The divine feminine came through in me. In ways that I used to see as shameful.Dirty. Low. Unacceptable. Degrading. I tried to erase it from within me. Hide it. Shun it. Reject it.Be only masculine. But even that I had imagined the wrong way. False beliefs were pushed onto me. This is society. So it […]

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Remember (,) Love

Remember (,) Love | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

I had to learn the language of modern day men, so I could be seen and heard. I had to assimilate into their culture, so I could fit in. I had to suffer in silence, so I could survive. I had to take on the pain of others, so they could feel okay. Except they […]

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Move Forward With Courage

Move Forward with Courage | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

Sometimes life pushes you to do things you’ve been so afraid of.Backs you up in a corner with no way out.With nobody to help you.So you have to stand up and make your way out on your own.No matter how scared you are.And it may turn out that it’s not so bad like you had […]

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Causing An Avalanche In My Life: The Power Of Change

The Power of Change | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

I don’t know why, but I wrote this a while ago and didn’t publish it. Or maybe I do know? Perhaps, I thought this was too open, too personal, too raw. These events happened quite long ago. But I’ll tell my tale now and what has happened since. I definitely wrote this with flair. Two […]

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Brave Heart’s Dawn

Brave Heart's Dawn | Poetry on Mooseymares

I’ll take away all your weapons.Slowly strip them away.One by one. I’ll take away it all.Whatever form.You won’t even know. Everything.There will be nothing left.No power to fight with. You will fall.And I will rise.Have it all. Shut your heart.Close your eyes.You will perish. Truth is my strength.Even in silence.Love is within me. A choice […]

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Smell Of A Morning

Smell Of A Morning | Poetry on Mooseymares

The smell of a morning. Brought by wind. Mixing with the scent of the soap on the face. Eyes barely open. Washing up at the sink. These little moments. What else is needed to enjoy life? Inhaling the smell of the morning. Isn’t it all already perfect? Feeling the warm wind coming through the window. […]

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The Search

The Search | Poetry on Mooseymares

I’ve searched everywhere for you.Silently.In my dreams, but awake all the time.I’ve convinced myself you’re not real.Someday.Maybe we would meet anyway.

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In A Dream

In A Dream | Poetry on Mooseymares

Sometimes I look out the window and it still feels like a dream. As if I am in a dream. As if I still can’t believe that I am where I am. The things I’ve experienced and learned. The things I never knew I could do. Turns out I can do anything. I am no […]

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