You Are (,) My Love

You Are (,) My Love | Poetry on Mooseymares

Do not downplay your strength.Look back.Look at how far you’ve come.I know.For someone as strong as you.This.All of this.Feels like nothing.But if you look at yourself.Through different eyes.From afar. The mountains you’ve climbed.Stormy waters you’ve braved.Darkest caves you’ve explored.You dove so deep into the ocean.Walked through the thickest woods.Survived and endured so much. It’s not […]

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Into One

Into One | Poetry on Mooseymares

You and I were meant to meet.I didn’t think we would.Not again. We got separated a long time ago.I left you behind.Thinking I was better off without you. You and I were meant to heal.So we could make each other whole again.Regain our powers. We both had our weaknesses and strengths.You never knew what I […]

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Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf | Poetry on Mooseymares

I want to save you from the big bad wolf.And maybe I could.But I can’t save you from yourself. He’s coming.He’s coming for you.There’s nothing you can do. You could come to me.Take my hand.I’d take you to a safe place. Teach you to see your worth.Show you what true love is.And how beautiful and […]

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My Time To Rule

My Time To Rule | Poetry on Mooseymares

I knew you knew you were in trouble when you first saw me.But it was easier to act like it’s just another round in your game.Like I’m just another toy in your collection.I know I let my mind go wild and maybe I got a little obsessed.You’re the king; a magnetic pull I could not […]

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Honoring My Soul

Honoring My Soul | Poetry on Mooseymares

I’m afraid.In pain.Letting myself down.Over and over again.Hiding pieces of me.Staying silent.Living in someone else’s fantasy.Of me.Of who, what and how I am.Allowing it all to happen. The bitter truth.There’s nobody else to blame.Just me.I can’t control others.But I can stop participating.In this wretched illusion.Like a double life.Stuck in the past.Replaying scenes that are long […]

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Weeping Crows

Weeping Crows | Poetry on Mooseymares

An empty square.Footprints in the mud.Not a soul in sight. Dark clouds embracing the sky. Peaceful silence.Only the melody of the rain. Dirt on the skin.Slowly washed away. Darkness rolling in.Windows lighting up.Weeping crows above the gallows.The only ones to come.

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White Mountain

White Mountain | Poetry on Mooseymares

As my heart aches,You call out to me.A warm embrace,Soothing me. I don’t know why,But you feel like home.As if I’ve been with youMany lifetimes ago. Wind sings in your womb,And sun caresses your skin.River flows through your veins,And birds comb your hair. You’re my land to return to,Peaceful place to walk through.A divine soil […]

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Background Noise

Background Noise | Poetry on Mooseymares

So much fear and hatred in people’s hearts.They should be pitied, no?But I feel no pity. Entire societies and systems have been created.Just to oppress, control and even erase others.Just what are they are afraid of? Their lives…So little.So meaningless.So blind… They’re all just like dust.A background noise.Angry voices in the dark. My soul knows […]

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Rise, Ever So Powerful And Free

Rise, Ever So Powerful And Free | Poetry on Mooseymares

What is it that you truly desire?Deep in your soul.Beyond the touch.Warmth on your skin. What is your essence?Vibrating through your core.Flowing through your veins.Pumping inside your heart. What is your deepest darkest secret?You locked away, hid and tried to drown.Afraid to ever let it roam free.Losing grasp of your true power. What happens when […]

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Scorpio Season

Scorpio Season | Poetry on Mooseymares

My season is coming.Time to transform.To be reborn. I feel my power.Awakening again.Rising. I’ve waited a long time.To reach.To feel. Change is coming.I welcome it.Embrace it. Fears are fading.I feel ready.Watch me glow. It’s time to die.Be born.Once more.

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