Birthright | Poetry on Mooseymares

I am calling for my name.The name I chose.The name that is mine. I am calling for my right.For my request to be fulfilled.My name to be called. I am calling for my name.To be written.To be acknowledged. I demand all that is mine.All that belongs to me.It is my birthright.

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Angel With Broken Wings

Angel With Broken Wings | Poetry on Mooseymares

The angel with broken wingsHolding the keys to the gates of heavenHis gentle hands wipe your tears awayAnd when the devils throw chains on youHe is there to cut them off and free youThe angel loves you and cares for youBut you cannot claim him as yours onlyOnce his broken wings heal he will fly […]

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Beyond Grey Skies

Beyond Grey Skies | Poetry on Mooseymares

Gone… Somewhere beyond the grey skies. Among the stars, where your dream flies. Out there in the space, where the secret lies.

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Like Stars Above Horizons

Like Stars Above Horizons | Poetry on Mooseymares

Like the storm you cannot avoid or fight against, I come.Like the summer rain washing off the dust, I fall.Like the silver full moon in the sky, I shine.Like the oldest tree in the woods, I stand. So come with me, together we’ll be stronger.Take my hand and fall with me, wait no longer.We’ll rise […]

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Between Reality And Illusion

Between Reality And Illusion | Poetry on Mooseymares

Somewhere between reality and illusion,I’ve fallen asleep in my own delusion.I’ve lost myself in dreams, holding onto what isn’t real.After all, it’s just fantasies, despite what I feel.

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Nothing But Emptiness

Nothing But Emptiness | Poetry on Mooseymares

Do you think it’s better to destroy? It feels so lonely there.It feels so empty inside your heart. Do you think you’ll feel better afterwards? Well…Maybe for a moment.But it tastes really bitter in the end. There’s nothing but…Emptiness.

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Zombie | Poetry on Mooseymares

So beautiful and flawless you seem to be.You look at me disgusted.My body is rotting, but I still breathe.I am a zombie. Your velvet skin looks beautiful in the moonlight.Your ocean blue eyes stare at me.I am nothing like I used to be.Just an ugly monster. You scream and shout as you run from me.I […]

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Become Love

Become Love | Poetry on Mooseymares

Love isn’t mine. But it may come through me. Love isn’t mine. But it is mine to give. Mine to receive. Love isn’t mine, but it is ours. To spread, to radiate. Bring into this world. Ignite. Spread. Vibrate. Become. Love.

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I Exist…

I Exist... | Poetry on Mooseymares

I exist… Beyond the sidelines of society. I adhere to the rules and laws. Walking silently through life. Barely connecting to anyone. Not influencing anything. I’m just there. A shadow. A ghost.

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Goodbye Or Hello?

Goodbye Or Hello? | Poetry on Mooseymares

You’ll have to see me for who I am.You can walk gently into my light, or be torn to shreds as you get dragged into it.The choice is yours.Pure, raw power and immense strength.Gentle, yet too cold for a closed heart. I’m awake. I can see… me.More than I had ever imagined.A beautiful divine light.Too […]

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