Darkness | Poetry on Mooseymares

Sometimes I wish to embrace the darkness.Get a cold kiss.It’s not that I am tired of being good.The light is warm.But I’ve pushed parts of me into the dark.Locked away.Light isn’t just bliss and darkness isn’t just misery.It’s all a part of me.

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Hall Of Gods

Hall Of Gods | Poetry on Mooseymares

We may always meet at the Hall of Gods, Stripped away from the problems of the world. With nothing but the stars under our feet, Shimmering in the dark as our souls greet.

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Dear Friend

Dear Friend | Poetry on Mooseymares

Dear friend, Please tell me,If my heart bleeds and my soul cries,And my scars still ache from time to time,How is my pain any less than yours?How can you compare which one of us hurts more?And why did you decide it’s you?We all have our crosses to carry.In each carrier’s eyes, their own are rarely […]

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The Drought

The Drought | Poetry on Mooseymares

You don’t miss them, do you?And you don’t speak.They shall not weep for nothing,If your heart does not miss them.Someday someone will reach out to themAnd tell them they need them.The wish shall be granted.The right way this time.The drought will end.

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Vortex | Poetry on Mooseymares

In the vortex I have beenDarkness again I have seenStanding on the edgeOne step forward and I don’t knowWill I fly or will I fall?Touch my dreams or lose it all?Mind is making conclusionsMolding worries and delusionsIt is asking questionsScattered in all directionsYet somewhere deep inside my soulI just knowMy heart need not raceRelax the […]

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Fade Into Darkness

Fade Into Darkness | Poetry on Mooseymares

They kept telling me that I am this or that.As if they knew me.They kept judging me.As if they had the right to.They kept telling me who or what I should be. At the end of the day, I sit in my room.Going through everything in my head.I tried to please so many and failed.But […]

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Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

I wrote this a while back… Maybe two years ago? Feeling nostalgic, a little bit homesick, longing for the good things I’ve left behind and dreaming of the other good things I’ve been wanting in my life. It was bittersweet. … Beautiful ornaments swaying on the branches. Twinkling lights and shiny baubles. Snowflakes, stars, bells, […]

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Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams | Poetry on Mooseymares

And I… I’ve fallen off my dream cloud again.Oh why? Why did it vanish away?And I… I’ve been laying in pain,Alone on the cold ground. Sometimes I’ve felt like a God.I’ve felt like I could do anything.But right now I cannot do much at all.Yet my hands still hold the empty frame. And I… I’ve […]

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There Was A Time

There Was A Time | Poetry on Mooseymares

There was a time when I didn’t try to please anyone.There was a time it was up to others to know how to knock on my door.I didn’t care… or so I thought.Was it my wish to be loved that led me to where I am now?Through fields of blooming flowers and green grass.Through rivers […]

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Stars In Your Eyes

Stars In Your Eyes | Poetry on Mooseymares

It’s raining stars tonight.Falling right from the sky and descending into your eyes.And when the dawn comes, the stars in the sky will fade away.But those in your eyes will stay.

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