Grief | Poetry on Mooseymares

Grief.Over something that went missing, but won’t return.Maybe all that was needed was a farewell.I can look up at the sky again.I feel relief.I can go on again and it feels like I am turning to a new chapter.Once again.Speed up towards my journey.Have my eyes on what matters most.Ignite my dreams.

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Feel | Poetry on Mooseymares

Do you… feel anything? A gentle breeze?A soft whisper? Can you sense what’s coming? In your bones.Your heart. Or are you… completely oblivious? As your eyes see.And your ears hear. Are you… afraid?

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Heir Of The Stars

Heir Of The Stars | Poetry on Mooseymares

Amazing things will show up before your eyes if you awaken. And sleeping stars will shine once more. Dark galaxies that have been forsaken, will glow again and call you home.

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Under The Burning Horizon

Under The Burning Horizon | Poetry on Mooseymares

Overlooking the cityscape under the burning horizon, I fall asleep.I drift away into a dream and I don’t wake up.I never want to wake up again.I got worn out chasing a star that mesmerized me with its glow.I wanted it to shine for me alone.No matter what, I was never getting closer.Reaching out, but never […]

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Awakening | Poetry on Mooseymares

It’s been so long… The dirt and the dust are brushed off by the wind. So numb… The wings are spreading slowly. And this pain echoing through the eyes as they open… The light greets.

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Rainy Morning

Rainy Morning | Poetry on Mooseymares

I woke up from a dream.I don’t remember what it was.My eyes shot open, thinking I had to get up for work.Damn…And quickly a realization came.I don’t have to go to work today.And what’s that?It’s a little gloomier outside than usual.It’s raining…A blissful feeling so rare came over me.I don’t remember the last time I […]

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An Ode To Her

An Ode To Her | Poetry on Mooseymares

Some people say hello once in a while.Little do they know that she’s long gone.Someone still responds.A shadow.An echo.A ghost whose traces can be found in people’s memories, photo albums, hearts.Somewhere out there she’s still alive, still here. I know, she’s still alive in me.I was born through her.I saw life through her eyes.I experienced […]

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