Find Me

Find Me | Poetry on Mooseymares

Take the heat off of me, ‘cause I will melt away.
I was meant for the cold, for the frost to caress my skin.
Glittering in the sun like a frozen lake and born with the first snow of November.

Fall silent and don’t invade me with your gaze.
I enjoy speaking with the dead because they don’t answer.
Walking slowly among the graves in the pale light of the moon.

Come alone and let your soul speak with mine.
I don’t wish for anything less but to explore the depths of your oceans.
Diving deep and emerging again to watch the stars.

Make a wish on a dead light in the sky.
I don’t care to blend in with the waves of a colorless sea.
Walking alone at my own pace against the stream of a grey river.

Dare to explore, even if you get lost.
I am like the mist of a chilly Autumn evening embracing the dying sun.
Descending softly like a cold October rain on a sleeping forest.

Find me and you may find a piece of yourself.
I exist beyond the borders of the mundane.
No longer searching for the meaning of life, but simply being.

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