Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart | Poetry on Mooseymares

My heart is shaking and my world is breaking,
Your steps left footprints and your touches left scars.
I’m out of balance and I feel poison inside.
At some point, I felt all right again, but you keep on haunting me.
Anger and pain are making me rage, making my heart sink away,
Yet you’re the same, or maybe even worse, I don’t know.
I wonder if you realize that I’m still not okay.
Sometimes I wish I could hate you, but I still can’t.
For myself, I don’t want hatred inside my heart.
I keep telling myself that it is also my fault,
I had pink glasses on my eyes and refused to see.
Refused to see that I had a monster and not a beauty before me.
I looked up at the illusion that I saw,
When all this time I was supposed to look down below.

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