We All Drink From The Same Well

We All Drink From The Same Well | Poetry on Mooseymares

But everyone wants everything for free,
So better get your stuff and flee.
Generosity will be taken for granted,
Do not expect any gratitude.
This life… it is so great,
But then there is something called fate.
If you believe in it or not,
Matters little to the lot.
When something goes wrong,
You can blame yourself or others.
You can say life is hard,
But it’s easier than you might think.
Even if everything can disappear in one blink.
It is just that everyone wants someone to blame,
They will push you aside and get their fame.
Your life is your own creation.
Make it normal or make it a deviation,
Make it heaven or make it hell,
In the end, we all drink from the same well.

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