Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams | Poetry on Mooseymares

And I… I’ve fallen off my dream cloud again.
Oh why? Why did it vanish away?
And I… I’ve been laying in pain,
Alone on the cold ground.

Sometimes I’ve felt like a God.
I’ve felt like I could do anything.
But right now I cannot do much at all.
Yet my hands still hold the empty frame.

And I… I’ve painted this picture of us.
With the most beautiful colors.
And I… I’ve made these frames for it.
But the picture disappeared.

The strength I possess can be immense.
But it’s not that hard to hurt me.
And no matter the power I have,
I can still be helpless.

And I… I just wanted to fly,
To dance… dance away in the sky.
And I… I now got an aching heart and tired wings.
Once they rest, I will have to take off anew.

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