Causing An Avalanche In My Life: The Power Of Change

The Power of Change | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

I don’t know why, but I wrote this a while ago and didn’t publish it. Or maybe I do know? Perhaps, I thought this was too open, too personal, too raw. These events happened over a year ago. But I’ll tell my tale now and what has happened since. I definitely wrote this with flair. […]

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Brave Heart’s Dawn

Brave Heart's Dawn | Poetry on Mooseymares

I’ll take away all your weapons.Slowly strip them away.One by one. I’ll take away it all.Whatever form.You won’t even know. Everything.There will be nothing left.No power to fight with. You will fall.And I will rise.Have it all. Shut your heart.Close your eyes.You will perish. Truth is my strength.Even in silence.Love is within me. A choice […]

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Smell Of A Morning

Smell Of A Morning | Poetry on Mooseymares

The smell of a morning. Brought by wind. Mixing with the scent of the soap on the face. Eyes barely open. Washing up at the sink. These little moments. What else is needed to enjoy life? Inhaling the smell of the morning. Isn’t it all already perfect? Feeling the warm wind coming through the window. […]

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The Search

The Search | Poetry on Mooseymares

I’ve searched everywhere for you.Silently.In my dreams, but awake all the time.I’ve convinced myself you’re not real.Someday.Maybe we would meet anyway.

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In A Dream

In A Dream | Poetry on Mooseymares

Sometimes I look out the window and it still feels like a dream. As if I am in a dream. As if I still can’t believe that I am where I am. The things I’ve experienced and learned. The things I never knew I could do. Turns out I can do anything. I am no […]

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Descending | Poetry on Mooseymares

Reflected in my eyesYou can see the skiesOf uncertainty Beating fastMy heartIn the rhythm of a fantasy Inhaling the flamesDeep into my lungsOf suffocating desires Creeping slowlyInto my soulShadows of darkness

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Find Me

Find Me | Poetry on Mooseymares

Take the heat off of me, ‘cause I will melt away.I was meant for the cold, for the frost to caress my skin.Glittering in the sun like a frozen lake and born with the first snow of November. Fall silent and don’t invade me with your gaze.I enjoy speaking with the dead because they don’t […]

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Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart | Poetry on Mooseymares

My heart is shaking and my world is breaking,Your steps left footprints and your touches left scars.I’m out of balance and I feel poison inside.At some point, I felt all right again, but you keep on haunting me.Anger and pain are making me rage, making my heart sink away,Yet you’re the same, or maybe even […]

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A Call To Action

A Call To Action | Thoughts and Inspiration on Mooseymares

For those of you who had suffered in silence for too long.Taking every hit, every harsh word.Keeping it all inside.Allowing others to control who you are.Chained by fear and guilt.Blinded by love.Finding ways to justify it all.Feeling shame. It’s okay.It’s all right.Speak up.Let it all go.But most importantly…Get angry. Feel the anger that pushes you […]

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We All Drink From The Same Well

We All Drink From The Same Well | Poetry on Mooseymares

But everyone wants everything for free,So better get your stuff and flee.Generosity will be taken for granted,Do not expect any gratitude.This life… it is so great,But then there is something called fate.If you believe in it or not,Matters little to the lot.When something goes wrong,You can blame yourself or others.You can say life is hard,But […]

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